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Name:Julian Sascha Beaumont
Birthdate:Jul 11
Location:Manhattan, New York, United States of America
Website:Dream Like New York

Julian Sascha Beaumont is a typical kid born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He is a rich bitch and was a spoiled brat growing up, and was a trust fund kid who leaned to use his status to his advantage from a young age. He is the youngest of two boys born to Carter and Adele Beaumont, a couple pretty much the product of an arranged marriage, though neither will admit to it being that in raw form. Their parents pegged them to marry when they were in their teens, both families high profile, high power, and rolling in cash and friends for many generations prior. When Carter's father passed away when he was just 25, he stepped into the helm as CEO of the multi-million dollar corporation, Beaumont Health Industries, a company that develops medical equipment and pharmaceuticals, and also funded the development of various hospitals and medical centers around the country.

As was traditional with the family (and very old school), the eldest son was expected to take over the company upon in the event of death of their father, but Jared, Julian's older brother by 7 years, had literally zero interest in the family business let alone being moulded to take over running it when his father passed away or retired. He had always wanted to be a cop from a child and it was a constant source of friction between him and their parents. Carter assumed that Jared would grow out of that nonsense, but it only made Jared more determined and even less interested in the company. He wasn't even reliant on the family money, instead wanting to make his own and take care of a family of his own one day. Julian, on the other hand, was the apple of his dad's eye, the 'perfect' son who sat on his dad's knee at the office, fitting right into the scene from a child. He also had no qualms swimming in the family fortune, accepting his first car - a Porsche - and becoming one of the most eligible bachelors in New York by the time he was 16.

Even though many would assume Julian was just the stereotypical spoiled brat who didn't need to do a thing because daddy picked up all the tabs, they couldn't have been further from the truth. Julian is actually a natural genius with a photographic memory. He learnt how to play the piano at almost concert levels at the age of 7 just by memorising the music, and he was a straight A student right through school. Work was never an effort and he didn't understand how people struggled with it. When his father realised Jared was a lost hope, he started to hone Julian to take over the company and because Julian was a natural entreprenuer and smooth-talker, but also completed a Masters in Business Management 'because he was bored', he was elevated to the company's 2IC on his 21st birthday when his trust fund matured.

It was a fancy title, and he got his own high rise office with floor to ceiling glass windows that gave him an exceptional view of the city, but he really didn't need to do much but turn up now and again, make some random decisions, tell people what to do, and then get right back to his playboy lifestyle he had going. He has been out of the closet since he was 18, and his parents never had a problem with that when Julian promised him he would have kids by a paid surrogate Carter could hand pick if he wanted to. It was an empty promise, kids or settling down any time soon the last thing on Julian's mind. It was right after that when Jared and Julian had a massive argument that began from a simple personality clash that wasn't uncommon for them in the slightest. They loved each other, but had always bickered and fought growing up, Jared thinking Julian to be shallow and up himself, and Julian thinking Jared to be a traitor to the family tradition and a killjoy.

The fight climaxed when Julian stupidly and in a stubborn streak a mile wide refused to admit he was wrong, told Jared he wished he never had a brother. It wasn't even remotely true, but he was frustrated that Jared seemed to want to have nothing to do with him because he was a little carbon copy of their father. The brothers never spoke again after that, and even if their mother tries to keep the peace by giving them both information about each other (that Jared had married and now had twins, a boy and a girl three years old).

Julian is materialistic to the core, loves expensive things with labels, and living the high life. He somewhat thinks he's invincible because he has never really been touched by any distinct tragedy or hard times, so it's beyond him. He is good friends with resident fashionista and upcoming fashion designer, Austin Shaw and knows his popstar twin, Angel. He has never had a serious relationship and has light-heartedly mocked Austin of late for falling head over heels for intriguing Oncology intern, Beau Watson. He has a wicked sense of humour, and will mock you if he feels like it. Under the flashy exterior, he has a vulnerability of wanting to please his parents at any cost, and to actually be a proud successor of the family company when his time comes. His biggest regret is falling out with his brother, though he's too stubborn to fix things. He misses Jared but tries to pretend he doesn't, covering it up by a wild social life and acting like he doesn't care.

Julian's life took an horrific turn when he was at a gay club one night for his birthday celebration with a group of friends. He began to fill ill and his heart wasn't in it, so he left the club out the back door into an alley to avoid the crowds out the front. Julian was accosted by a gang of gay bashers and he was attacked, beaten within an inch of his life. He was then put in the boot of their car and driven out to the beach in the pouring rain where they were going to 'finish the job'. In a stroke of luck, Harley Rayner was with the gang having been lured to join them under the guise of 'hanging out after work'. For Harley, it all turned horribly wrong when he realised the other guys assumed he hated gays like they did and that he would join in on their plans to leave the world with 'one less fag' to deal with.

Not only was Harley gay himself, but he was terrified and just shut up and watched what they did to Julian in horror, fearing they would turn on him next. Out at the beach, when they heard sirens in the distance, the gang decamped in case they got caught in the act and left Julian dumped on the sand, bleeding to death. Harley didn't go with them. He stayed and called 911. He saved Julian's life, and as a result, they ended up falling in love. There were complications with Julian's injuries and he had internal damage abd enough to caught kidney failure. His best friend, Grayson Quinn was a match, and donated his kidney to Julian so he wouldn't need to spend the rest of his life on dialysis.

Julian is part of the musebox/PSL, [community profile] dreamlikenewyork.

Julian is an Original Character, and the work of his writer. No infringement intended. For RP purposes only. His PB is Max Irons, who belongs to himself.

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